Art and Prosecco: 'Message in a Bottle' Project. The bottle designed by the artist Stefano Cattai for Piera Martellozzo 1899

Knowing and appreciating good wine is a pleasure and an act of culture, of awareness and gratitude to the earth, to its gifts and the people who cultivate it. Creating a wine is a work of art, it is the interpretation of a territory and the exaltation of its characteristics. On these bases, thirty-seven artists joined the 'Message in a Bottle' project that proposed them to design a Prosecco bottle coming from the local wineries. 

The artists have exalted the peculiarity of the territory, of the wine and the unconscious that this world can evoke. Stefano Cattai created for Piera Martellozzo a bottle covered with aluminum, black oxide and leather, that he tells with these words: "In her cellars, Piera jealously guarded a special bottle inherited from his grandfather but now it was stolen. The existence of this bottle has been told from ancient times, its mysterious content has extraordinary powers that few people know and who know how to govern, so the outer shell has so far been the casket that protects it. Unfortunately, the armor was violated and the contents took liberty. The one who opened this bottle abandoned it scared. Its custodian will enjoy its splendor and power."