Some businesses begin in the same way a seagull decides to defy the wind and take flight. 

Paraphrasing the great Mario Soldati, Boston and San Francisco at five thousand kilometres apart are different, but not as much as Veneto and Friuli are at 50 km apart.

It's as though a fil rouge bonds these two regions. This fil rouge is now being resolutely upheld by Piera Martellozzo. She started her wine company at the age of 29.

In the words of the writer Scott Fitzgerald in Tender is the Night, a woman... " chooses wisely her aperitifs or, content, she enjoys the caviar of potential power"

One significant evening, her father said to her: "Piera, I am handing you the keys to the business." From then on, began an upward spiral just like the golden bubbles that come to the surface of a glass as though escaping from the darkness towards the light.  

The story however starts long before then in 1899, almost at the beginning of the twentieth century in Padova.

Here, her grandfather Giovanni Martellozzo started a wine production. It was the heart of the ONCE VENETIAN REPUBLIC TERRITORY, hub of civilisation and sublime art.

Here the Palladium architecture appears as if stretching towards the sky, and the fluid harmony of its art is firmly implanted in reality and imagination. Here Canova created sculptural boundaries, like inscriptions on marble floating in space.

Piera's wines stretch over three regions: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. An enological palette of these areas in the north of Italy that has made its mark in the national and international markets.

Piera had always treated wine as if she was a sculptor, always on the lookout for her own distinctive mark that was both personal and original.

With the keys from her father, over the years, Piera opened many different doors.

In 1998 she opened the door to organic wine. She was the first person in Italy to believe in it.

She was extremely committed - having been recognised with honours - to the search for new ideas and did so by revaluating the native vineyards such as Raboso, local to the Piave territory. Encountering other local varieties of vines, Prosecco, Ribolla Gialla and Muller Thurgau she looked for new proposals in sparkling wines. 

She searched for a well-designed look of the terrain in the upkeep of the Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir vineyards. 

Passing from the red stalked Refosco wine to the Traminer, tradition to subtlety. 

She travelled as far as Hong Kong, where she opened a business in 2014.

Wine speaks the language of men. A divine gift capable of connecting the land to the sky. A borderline, an encounter, a celebration venue. Piera's wines are cultivated amongst Piave stones and the mineral notes lightly float in the precious bubbles.

Piera's wines are renowned in Europe, America and even in the Far East for their fine elegance, pleasing balance, varietal freshness and heavenly aromas. Canova, the sculptor of Venetian origins, taught us that the stone can be moved. 

And it is with this spirit that Piera continues her journey, always in search of subtlety and the pleasure wine brings.